Android App:

We have an android app for the Accounting.

Expenses: You can use it with daily transactions like Expenses for Food, Hotels, Travels, clothes, House Rent, Electricity Bill, Phone Bill, Petrol Expenses, Insurance premium, Car/Bike Servicing, Loan Interest and every Expenses you paid(cash or check) for within a day / month.

Incomes: Also all the incomes coming from Salary, Business, Rent Recieved, Fees Received etc.

Assets: You can enter all the transaction for assets like Investment in Shares, House, Furniture etc.

Steps to start:
1) Download the App(Latest APK).
2) Install it on your android phone.
3) Login with the demo account with username:admin, Password:admin.
4) Create your personal user with valid API Key(For personalized API Key you have to register your App with us).
5) Logout from Demo User Account and Login with your Personalized User Account(With new user you created).
Now you are ready to use the app for your daily transactions.

Your valuable reply / feedback / suggestion is most welcome.

For your personalized API Key Please Register.

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